Core & Peel
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  • First quality (AB grade) Rattan Round Core would have uniform colour shade of natural white
  • Best weaving material of choice for the wicker
  • because it was extremely flexible after soaking in water, could be steam-bent easily and could be so readily stained, painted or lacquered
  • Rattan raw material of Malaysia name rattan tanah, we will make the rattan sticks to be rattan core and rattan peel
  • Rattan core is the main rattan items in the rattan raw material
  • For rattan furniture, basket weaving. cane chair weaving, rattan craft weaving
  • Round Core is still used extensively in reproduction and new wicker furniture, but is not to be used outdoors exposed to the elements. If you want to have the romantic look and feel of wicker
  • Once an antique wicker piece is gone, it’s gone forever, you can’t make another antique
  • Super fine Quality
  • Natural rattan make
  • Durable and soft


  • Ready make Flower Belt
  • Speed up Crown Design Decoration
  • 2cm Width Big Belt
  • Natural Rattan