TITICANE Tabung Bank Original Sarawak [ Bamboo / Pulur ]
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  • It's harder to spend
  • Your money is safe
  • It allows you to save a little at a time
  • Natrual Bamboo Fully hand make
  • A tabung bank can help break your goal down into manageable amounts. He says it's a good reminder of the value of saving consistently. When broken down into small daily goals, even a large purchase, trip or other expense seems much more achievable
  • Money stashed at home is easy to raid, and even small amounts of cash for a pizza or coffee shop run can deplete your savings over time, according to Wise Bread. Since it takes a little more effort to access a savings account, and you're not as tempted to withdraw small amounts, it tends to accumulate faster.
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5 reviews
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1 pcs Tabung Bank Original Sarawak [ Bamboo / Pulur ]