TITICANE Kali Stick [ 28 Inch ] [ Manau Natural ] [ 1 Pair ] [ Rattan / Rotan ]
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  • Top 1% natural rattan manau
  • More safety for training
  • Advanced Select balance weight
  • Perfect quality & smooth swing
  • More durable hitting
  • 25mm +/- is the best size for handling

Why use rattan kali stick

Rattan kali sticks are relatively lightweight but durable. They won't break easily, even when met with a bladed. It is also easy to handle and wield. This is the perfect stick for speed and power.


Kali sticks are generally made from rattan, a low-cost stem of a Southeast Asian plant. Durable and hard yet lightweight, it only tears up under the strongest impact and won’t splinter like the wood, making it safe for training.


The standard Kali sticks length vary from 28″ to 32″ although the ideal length is one shoulder width apart. The ideal length would depend on the person's height and that's why the shoulder width measurement is used.


Poorly-made sticks could result in accidents to you or your sparring partner. That is why we choice Top 1% of quality.


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1 pcs TITICANE Kali Stick [ 28 Inch ] [ Manau Natural ] [ 1 Pair ] [ Rattan / Rotan ]